What's inside?



  • Sawdust (top layer)

Recycled from local mills and sun-dried in our greenhouse without use of fossil fuels.

  • Wood Chips (bottom layer)

Recycled from trees damaged by the June 1, 2011 tornado and other storms and sun-dried in our greenhouse without the use of fossil fuels.

  • Wax (binding agent)

Unscented, food-grade paraffin wax.

  • The Cup

3oz paper cup.


  1. Fast & Convenient

  2. Safer

  3. Instant Light

  4. Green

  5. Non-toxic

  6. Local

  7. Waterproof

  8. Long Burn

What's Inside?


Fast & convenient: peeled wick catches instantly — lights even damp wood better.

Safer: no flying ash from paper means less risk of chimney or forest fires — no flammable liquids to store or spill.

Green: storm chips are recycled and renewable — dried without using fossil fuels.

Non-toxic and BBQ-friendly: Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, sawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — leaves no flavor on your grilled food.

Local: Hand-made in Monson, Massachusetts.

Waterproof: Use of paraffin wax in the creation of the starters makes them waterproof.

Long Burn: Our fire starters burn from 15-24 minutes with a 6 to 10 inch flame.